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Forms and Do It Yourself Kits

Family Law and Child Support

Initiating Application (family law)

Initiating Application (family law – do it yourself kit)


Acknowledgment – Information from a Family Counsellor or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Affidavit – Non-Filing of Dispute Resolution Certificate

Application – Contravention

Application – Draft Consent Parenting Orders and allegations of abuse or family violence

Enforcement Warrant – Seizure and Sale of Property

Financial Statement

Notice of Risk

Notice of Appeal – Child Support

Superannuation Information Form

Third Party Debt Notice


Application for Divorce

Response to Divorce

Acknowledgment of Service (Divorce)

Affidavit for eFiling Application (Divorce)

Affidavit of Service by Hand (Divorce)

Affidavit of Service by Post (Divorce)

Affidavit Proving Signature (Divorce)

Do-it-yourself kits

The Courts have a number of kits that have detailed explanations and instructions about completing and filing the most common court forms.Applications for divorce are to be filed in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and must be set out on one side only of size A4 durable white paper of good quality.  Do-it-yourself kits include all the forms, explanations and instructions you will need to help you complete and file some of the most common applications.  For further information or to get paper copies of these documents sent to you, call 1300 352 000, or visit a registry near you

Application for Consent Orders (do it yourself kit)

Application or Consent Orders kit – supplement

Application for Divorce Kit

Divorce Service Kit

Financial Statement

Initiating Application Kit (Do it yourself kit)

Response to initiating application (Do it yourself kit)

Service Kit

Superannuation Information

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